Bobbin Lace Without a Teacher by Betty Alderson

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Basic instructions to get you started on your way to making gorgeous bobbin lace.


BOBBIN LACE––which is actually a form of hand weaving, takes its name from the tools around which the threads are wound. It is also sometimes known as pillow lace since the surface on which the lace is made is called a pillow.

Bobbin lace it becoming one of the most popular forms of "needlework" being revived today. Although lacemakers may be seen demonstrating at fairs and events all over the country, it is often quite difficult to locate a knowledgeable instructor––hence this little booklet of very basic instructions.

It has been compiled with the newcomer-to-lace making in mind and once the rudiments have been mastered, the new lacemaker should be able to follow most of the beginner books which are available today.

These instructions have been tested by complete beginners who have quickly progressed to the point where they are able to tackle the more complicated patterns found in many of the books listed at the end of the booklet.