Basketats by Karey Solomon

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The bounty of baskets. A gathering of original designs.


Symbolizing the generosity of harvest, baskets are the original ecological containers for everything necessary and wonderful life has to offer, from babies to gifts, to fresh bread and trade goods. In older times when everything was carried by hand, the skill of creating baskets was as elemental as the ability to keep a fire lit.

Somehow, between then and now, they've become a luxury, a natural element whose beauty and usefulness can soften and improve the industrialization of our lives.

Tatting and baskets are also a natural combination. Using different fibers, or the ususual cotton threads in different combinations, the tatting stitch takes an almost architectural form, standing firmly on its own as solid object while will being lace. Tatting a basket stretches skills and the concept of tatting, creating containers whose scale may range from larger useful-in-everyday- life size down to miniature masterworks whose details are delightful. These are meant to be used––as mint cups, containers for nuts, holders for calling cards, small tools, jewelry, desk accessories, marbles and more.

Best of all, baskets are a supremely satisfying project to tat. These may take the tatter to new territory, or bring a new perspective on familiar materials. And there are so many more to try. In addition to the ones used for the projects inside, consider plastic cord, rat-tail, synthetic leather cording, twine and more.

Enjoy this way to creatively contain your enthusiasm!