Flutter Home by Karen Solomon

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Original tatting patterns for butterflies & other things with wings.


Psyche, the Greek word for soul, is also their word for butterfly. For the Chinese, a jade butterfly is an emblem of love, the perfect gift for a bridegroom to give to his bride. Native Americans thought butterflies were message carriers between yearning humans and the Great Spirit. Those who watched the life-cycles of butterflies considered them a symbol of transformation. Those who simply delight in their colorful flight associate them with joy.

Ladybugs are also considered joyful bringers of luck. Dragonflies represent truth-telling––their other nickname, "darning needles," accompanies the superstition of their powere to sew closed the lips of liars. And bees represent royalty, wealth, industry, creativity and hard work.

No wonder these flying creatures are inspirational beings, beloved by needleworkers and jewelers as well as gardeners, appreciated for their color, symbolism and usefulness.

They're useful tatted as well, small project motifs to add light, beauty and grace wherever these are needed. Consider the projects in this booklet as tatted smiles for yourself, and to share.