Welcome to The Needlepoint Joint

Welcome to The Needlepoint Joint

Ripple Sweater Yarn Kit (for Purl Together's KAL)

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Ripple Sweater kit by Hilly van der Sluis contains all of the yarn to knit your sweater in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport. Nature Spun is a fully US produced yarn that is soft and bouncy and comes in a range of colors perfect for colorwork. Brown Sheep yarns are produced in Mitchell, Nebraska. Family owned, and with over 40 years of experience producing yarns for knitters and weavers, Brown Sheep has been a trusted brand with a tradition of quality. 

Finished Bust Circumference:
XS: 41.5"
S: 43.5"
M: 45.5"
L: 50"
XL: 54"
XXL: 58"

NOTE: Ripples is a boxy sweater meant to be knit with positive ease. Look carefully at the sizing to allow for a correct amount of ease, sizing indicates the size of the finished sweater. For instance, if you normally knit a size medium sweater, consider ordering the size medium kit which will allow for enough positive ease.


We have curated three kits for the Ripples sweater. 

The Traditional Kit is inspired by Hilly's original design in a range of blues and a pop of green on a soft oatmeal background.

The colors are: 

720 - ash
147 - true blue navy
N30 - nordic blue
117 - winter blue
137 - cobalt
N36 - china blue
144 - limestone

The Jewels Kit is inspired by Purl Together purple. You'll feel like a million dollars in  charcoal studded with rich purples with a dash of turquoise. 

The colors are: 

880 - Charcoal
205 - Regal Purple
N60 - Purple Splendor
N59 - Butterfly Blue
N62 - Amethyst
157 - Boysenberry
N78 - Turquoise Wonder

The Masala kit is warm and welcoming inspired by spice markets, consisting of warm brown background, reds, oranges and a pop of olive green. 

The colors are: 

750 - Toffee Bar
225 - Brick Red
N48 - Scarlet
105 - Bougainvillea
N54 - Orange You Glad
308 - Sunburst Gold
104 - Grecian Olive