Knitting Needle Materials

Knitting needles are made of several different materials.  We try to carry a range of products.  We find that nearly everyone who works at the Needlepoint Joint has a different preference.  The preference depends on the way that person knits, the yarn being used for the project and the project itself.  Note that while each needle may perform differently, each is of the highest quality.  We carry only the brands we feel are excellent quality.  We are convinced that an excellent knitting needle definitely enhances the knitting experience.

Here are some of our observations about the different needles.


(Slick non-stick coated metal) - lightweight, strong points. The larger sizes may be made of plastic.

Nickel Plated

Shiny, lightweight, very slick. People who knit tightly often prefer them.


Made of hardy bamboo, very lightweight, with good points.  They are not indestructible, treat them as you do wooden needles.  If you get a snag on the needle, use an emery board to sand it.  You will notice how much lighter the larger sizes are, compared to some other materials, making them easier to manipulate.


Light in color, much like the old fashioned wooden needles our needles our mothers used.  These, however come in the whole range of sizes.


Black in color, very smooth, the strongest of the woods, they have sharper points than the other wood needles. Made from wood leftover from the making of musical instruments.


A light pinkish wood, smooth, like the ebony, these utilize scrap wood leftover from the making of musical instruments.