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Wooden Embroidery Hoop (Hardwicke Manor)

Hardwicke Manor Hardwood Hoops. Available in three thicknesses, these are a high quality, well sanded, wooden hoop made of beechwood with a clear lacquer finish.  The hardware is made of brass and has a threaded screw for adjusting the tension of the outer hoop.  

All hoops are suitable for all types of hand embroidery including crewel, cross stitch, raised embroidery, and blackwork.  

In general, the smaller thickness hoops will be better for the lighter weight fabrics and the larger thickness hoops better for heavier weight fabrics. 

To protect your embroidery fabric from marking and to keep your fabric tightly in the hoop, you may want to wrap the hoop with twill or bias tape.  We recommend the Access Commodities 100% Cotton Twill Tape.   

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