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Adventure in Layers Thread Kit #6

Needlepoint Now Magazine is partnering up with local Needlepoint Stores for a year long stitch club and Needlepoint Joint is participating! 

Layers of Leaves was a design vision of Kam Wenzloff.  Her piece is a beauty and one that everyone would want to hang on their doors or homes.

The Needlepoint Joint has the final Thread Kit #6 for stitching Leaves 51+ that are described in the Nov/Dec 2023 issue of Needlepoint Now.  This kit contains only the threads. You may order the magazine through our website if you are not a subscriber.  If you do not already have your canvas, we recommend you order one yard of 18 count, 40" bolt width canvas in either white, brown, or Santa Fe Sage, and canvas tape from our website.  We also suggest you order tapestry needles in sizes 22 and 24 for stitching and stretcher bars if you like to use them.

*Depending on your stitching style you may need to order additional threads*

The magazine, canvas, needles, stretcher bars and all notions are not included. Supply is limited so get yours while supplies last!

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