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Burmilana* (Colors 3502 - 3996)

BURMILANA – This small-sized strand wool/acrylic blend is one of the most versatile threads on the market. The size is right to strand up or down to suit any sized canvas and the color/style range is unbeatable. Dive into the 242 colors and you will be able to find almost anything that you need for your next project. There are five different styles of Burmilana (Solid, Tweed, Heather, Twill, and Argyle) to cover a wide range of effects that you can create. 

Congress Cloth and most Counted Cross Stitch fabrics use 1 strand.
#18 mesh mono canvas use 2 – 3 strands (definitely 3 on straight stitches).
#13 / #14 mesh mono canvas use 3 – 4 strands (4 – 5 on straight stitches).
50% wool, 50% acrylic

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