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Crochet Collage Garden: 100 Patterns for Crochet Flowers, Plants and Petals

Create stunning crochet collages with this collection of 100 patterns for crochet flowers, plants and petals. Crochet designer and gardener, Chris Norrington, has created 100 crochet motifs arranged in 10 collages based on the beautiful flowers and plants found in her wonderful cottage garden on the edge of the beautiful North York Moors National Park.

All of the motifs are inspired in some way by Chris’ garden and the collages roughly follow the pattern of the seasons from the first flowers in spring, through to the frosty leaves of winter.

The motif designs are inspired by the colors and shapes found in nature and, while some are recognizable as specific plant species, they are not intended to be botanically accurate representations of particular plants.

Alongside the more usual front-on view of flowers in full bloom, Chris has included some patterns for flowers viewed from the side, half-opened flowers, buds, seed heads, berries and fungi. There is also a large variety of foliage types from individual leaves to leafy stems, ferns and grasses.

Each of the collages has a different, sometimes seasonal, theme and all of the compositions are different – there are wreaths and bouquets, some are arranged in a jug or a vase while others grow straight from the ground.

The collage themes include Woodland Glade, inspired by a sun-dappled, shady forest corner with ferns and snowdrops, the Vintage Blue Bouquet collage is inspired by the shapes and soft pastel colors of Lily-of-the-valley and Scabious, and the Flower Meadow collage evokes a prairie-style meadow with ornamental grasses interspersed with tall perennial flowers.

You can have fun recreating the collages that Chris has designed or you can mix and match the motifs of your favorite plants and flowers to make your own creations. There are instructions for which yarn to use to create the motifs but you can experiment with different types of yarn to create your own versions.

As well as creating the beautiful crochet collages which could be mounted and framed, there are ideas for what to make from the crocheted motifs including decorative applique embellishments on clothes and homewares, as well as bookmarks and keyring charms.