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Embroidered Animal Portraits: A Guide to Thread Painting Fur, Feathers, Spines & Scales

Create stunningly realistic embroidered animal masterpieces

Our beloved pets hold a special place in our hearts; we want to capture them in stitches whether they’re covered in fur, scales, or feathers! Join embroidery artist Michelle Staub to immortalize your pets with thread painting. From an adorable rabbit and guinea pig, to a colorful parakeet and stately lizard, you’ll stitch through 12 animal projects that teach you to create a much wider variety of pet portraits. With all the information you need to get started, including supplies, basic stitches, stitch patterns, and color guides, Embroidered Animal Portraits is your handbook for creating strikingly realistic and personalized embroidered masterpieces.

  • Expanding on her first bestselling book, Pet Portrait Embroidery, Michelle Staub offers instruction on stitching a new variety of textures with non-traditional pets, including a hen, hedgehog, snake, and horse!
  • From start to finish, learn to turn an animal photo into a realistic thread painting that captures lighting, detail, and personality.
  • Includes embroidery basics, patterns, and 12 step-by-step animal projects, ranging in skill level from beginner accessible, to intermediate stitcher.