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Every Thread a Story & The Secret Language of Miao Embroidery (2 book boxed set)

Ethnic minority textiles of Guizhou Province China are vanishing. Modernization and tourism impact the future of skilled artisans and their ancient craft traditions. Every Thread a Story: Traditional Chinese Artisans of Guizhou Province provides a deep cultural experience of Guizhou’s dominant ethnic minority, the Miao and their related tribes, the Dong, Gejia, and Shui. The book takes you deep into the countryside and into the homes of 17 traditional artisans whose exquisite embroidery, wax resist indigo-dyed fabrics, handmade paper, and silver jewelry uphold ancient traditions

Every Thread a Story’s companion book, The Secret Language of Miao Embroidery, reveals the hidden meanings in the intricate, elegant motifs that have served in place of a written language for the Miao for centuries. Author Zeng Li has traveled among the Miao since her childhood, learning to understand and interpret their folkways, and presents a unique understanding of Miao symbols and patterns.