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Fair Isle Knitting: 22 Traditional Patterns from Where the Atlantic Meets the North Sea

The centuries-old art of Fair Isle knitting evolved on the Shetland Islands, inspired by colors and forms found in nature, for a distinctive look that’s instantly recognizable. Now, Carina Olsson, one of Sweden’s leading experts in Fair Isle knitting, is here to guide you through this technique’s fundamental principles: how to choose and combine colors in vivid, organic palettes, with over 20 sample patterns for sweaters, mittens, hats, and gloves, ready to adapt to your favorite motifs—plus inspiration and instructions for designing a Fair Isle sweater of your own.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • 22 designs for garments and accessories, with pattern panels of varying size and complexity
  • A pattern library of traditional motifs ranging from edgings for cuffs and necklines to classic Nordic stars and eight-petaled roses
  • Technical tips and easy-to-follow explanations to help you decide how to arrange Fair Isle patterns, understand what ribbing and texture will do to the overall look of a design, and use colors and contrast to their maximum effect