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Hand-Stitched Oasis: Embroider Realistic Elements; Step-by-Step Guide with 35 Techniques

Capture your happy place with embroidered vignettes. A picture is worth a thousand words but looks even more when it comes alive through creative and passionate embroidery. From the back garden to a sandy beach, Theresa Lawson shares her secrets to skillfully creating embroidered outdoor spaces. Begin with a lesson on creating a design from memory or a photo, then ease into the meditative movement of slow stitching scenes in a forest, home, lake, desert, or garden. Learn 35 techniques to add realistic elements to your embroidery projects, from shadows and highlights to creating texture and depth. Stitch various textures, from foliage and water to pavement and upholstery, to personalize your composition Embroider five projects and add personalized outdoor details to reflect your happy place. Learn 35 techniques to create realistic details and get step-by-step instructions for basic stitches.