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Knitting: Colour, Structure and Design

An in-depth look at the technique of hand knitting and at what effects can be created from different stitches and by knitting in different directions. Taking a fresh approach to knitting and examining it from scratch, this book explores not just the look of a knitted pattern, but how the knitted fabric can be altered with different stitches to change its stretch, drape, and thickness. Once understood, the design and application potential of this textile technique is thrilling and endless, and it encourages and inspires both beginners and experienced knitters to experiment and develop their own designs. This guide covers basic stitches, including many different ways of casting on and off; new approaches to construct fabric in any direction in order to make any shape without sewn seams; an in-depth section on color; advice on dyeing yarns; and knitting patterns to suit a range of body shapes, with directions for personalizing the size.