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Mad Hatter: Crazy, Colorful Crochet Designs to Hook and Show Off

In Mad Hatter, Crochet artist and founder of the brand Knotted Neon, Aynsley Grealis presents a pattern collection for making fanciful hats, balaclavas, and handbags in all shapes and sizes.

Artist Aynsley Grealis is the creator of the popular Instagram @KnottedNeon, and her fanciful balaclavas, handbags, sweaters, and bucket hats are sensations that attract eager buyers (who pay one hundred dollars—and up—for each custom piece) and a growing audience of crocheters seeking to replicate these brilliant patterns.

Mad Hatter, her first book, Grealis shares her designs and patterns (unpublished until now) to teach readers how to make three simple bases (a balaclava, a pull-on hat, and a handbag) and then how to decorate each by incorporating layers of whimsical appliques. The patterns look complicated, but crochet with ease—the secret is in the embellishments: Patterns for crocheted flowers, bees, stars, clouds, an entire coral reef of fish and sea creatures, and a field of mushrooms, veggies, and exotic greenery, are included, enabling readers to hook wonderful hats and bags with lots of flair (or just a little!).

Grealis’s approach inspires crocheters to innovate and playfully reinvent by using her easy-to-follow instructions as a springboard. Suitable for beginners and adaptable to all skill levels, these fun and fabulous designs open a world of imagination to readers.