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Passementerie: Handcrafting Contemporary Trimmings, Fringes, Tassels, and More

The first book on how to create handwoven passementerie (ornamental fringe, tassels, braid, piping, and more) using widely available materials

In this hands-on introduction to one of the rarest of textile crafts, artist and designer Ashdown combines her mastery of the centuries-old skills with a vibrant, contemporary aesthetic. Learn centuries-old methods and how to apply them to make contemporary ornamental trimmings.

• 11 guided projects for home and wardrobe, from Chanel-style jacket fringe to braided edging for a window blind.
• For beginner and intermediate weavers; requires only a simple frame loom, like those commonly sold by craft retailers
• Additional audiences include fashion/clothing-focus crafters, textile artists, embroiderers, and knitters

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