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Pet Portrait Embroidery: Lovingly Stitch Your Dog or Cat; A Modern Guide to Thread Painting

Learn the art of thread painting from Stitching Sabbatical sensation Michelle Staub

Cats and dogs seem to always have a paw planted firmly in our hearts. Capture the life in their eyes and the texture of their fur with a unique embroidered pet portrait! Self-taught artist Michelle Staub puts a modern spin on thread painting with her easy-to-learn approach. Get started with 4 basic embroidery stitches, and follow the detailed tutorials to hone your skills. Capture awe-inspiring details of your pet with lessons in full-color thread painting or go clean with a simple line drawing―the choice is yours. Learn to personalize your art piece with names, dates, and decorative accents. With 20 sample patterns to customize, you can easily recreate any breed!

  • Paint stunningly realistic pet portraits with just a needle and thread

  • Try your hand at two styles―minimal outlines and incredible full-color renderings

  • Make it modern with floral garlands, personalized banners, and crisp lettering

  • Start today with 4 easy stitches and 20 customizable projects