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Purlsmith Harvest Mix Stitch Marker set

A mix of 2 freshwater pearls, 2 mother of pearls, & 2 gemstone stitch markers.

The gemstones included in each set are as follows:

 Spooky: Amethyst & Carnelian

Blue: Sunset Dumortierite & Angelite

Plum: Rhodonite & Rose Quartz

Amber: Carnelian & Morocco Agate

Teal: Aventurine & Blue Sky Jasper

Fresh: Amethyst & Green Quartz

Wrapped by hand, the wire ends are buried so they do not catch or snag.

Jewelry quality, soldered closed jump rings won’t stretch open.

Add them to a chain or a Purlsmith pendant and they transform into pearl charm jewelry.

Available in Copper or Silver Plated Loops.

Select from the following sizes:

*Sock - Fits up to US 3

*Worsted - Fits up to US 8

*Removable - Opens/Progress Keeper

This set comes packaged on a card.

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