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RSN ESG: Fine Whitework: Techniques, Projects, and Pure Inspiration

Learn the historical art of fine whitework in this informative, instructional guide from the Royal School of Needlework and master skills of Jenny Adin-Christie.

This exquisite guide provides a historical background to fine whitework, and an exploration of the key stitch techniques involved in this intricate style of hand embroidery.
Discover how to master five key areas of whitework technique: sculptured, translucent, filigree, fretted and voided; then apply these to two detailed and stunning pieces – a delicate button with scabiosa motif, and an elaborate embroidery honoring the 150th anniversary of the RSN.
Clear step-by-step instructions and stitch diagrams aid the reader in their own whitework embroideries, and there is plenty of inspiration by way of Jenny Adin-Christie’s own elegant works, and those of other RSN students and tutors.

Release Date: 10/18/22

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