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Sajou Bobbin Lace Guide

Bobbin lace is a fascinating craft and Sajou has introduced products to make it accessbile.  This album is the result of a collaboration between Maison Sajou and the Centre d"Enseignement de la Dentelle and is the first of a series of albums planned.  (Dentelle is the French word for lace.)  The number 451 on the album is a reminder of the 19th century album that Maison Sajou created for lace patterns. 

The "Petite Methode de dentelle a la main (little method of lacemaking) contains 24 pages and includes:

*  The international codification color chart.

*  The traditional bases:  feet, basic stitches, picots, crossinga and basic grounds, all fully illustrated.

*  Ten models or patterns to make, each with a graph, instructions and photo of the finished model.

*  A history of bobbin lace, summary of the necessary supplies and a photo of the color range of Fil Au Chinois Calais coccons.  These threads are also available on our site. 

The text is in French and English.