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Shaping Shawls

Anna Dalvi of Knit & Knag Designs brings both her design sensibility and logical mind to bear in this book for new and experiences lace knitters alike. Ten different shawls are divided into chapters based on shaping and construction techniques, teaching concepts in a fresh new way. You'll use not only diagrams and charts but also mathematical means of keeping your designs in line. Ever wonder why your stitch count is off on another pattern? Anna will show you what deltas are, how they work, and much more in this extraordinary book. Join Anna Dalvi for a shawl-design-seminar-in-a-book that keeps light bulbs going off while making the material seem simple. Her genius lies in boiling down tricky concepts to their essence and presenting them in a warm, practical style. Anna's own inspiring patterns not only accompany, but illustrate the design techniques confidence

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