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Tapestry with Pulled Warp

A respected fiber artist teaches a technique that allows weavers to create shaped and three-dimensional tapestries, on any kind of loom.

Designed for adventurous weavers of all skill levels who love a new challenge, this is the first book on the intriguing pulled warp technique.

Used through the decades by a handful of weavers to create 3-D tapestries, and also to make flat tapestries that bend and curve, pulled warp helps weavers achieve exciting results. Susan Iverson, a professional weaver who has spent years researching and using this technique, is known for her skillful teaching style.


• Clear, easy-to-follow instructions enable weavers to use pulled warp innovations in their own work.
• Includes the technical and designing details that creative weavers want
• Beautiful examples woven by Susan Iverson demonstrate what pulled warp has to offer.
• Can be used in several ways: as an intensive workshop-like experience, an inspiration for weavers at any level, and a source of technical ideas to try
• Directly relevant to weavers at any stage, since Iverson shares how the technique has had an impact on different phases of her weaving career.

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