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Traditional Bedfordshire Lace: Technique and Patterns

Bedfordshire lace, its history, and its fine and varied designs particularly those of Thomas Lester and his sons, lace dealers in Bedford for nearly a century have attracted growing interest and many new practitioners in recent years. One attraction of the Bedfordshire technique is its flexibility, which offers the lace maker a certain freedom in deciding the method of working. This book is based on the author’s extensive teaching experience and research into authentic traditional methods. The text sets out the techniques and shows how to apply them to different parts of the pattern. The lace ranges from small motifs to fine edgings, elaborate collars, and other dress accessories worked by the author and her students. More than 100?working diagrams are included as well as prickings for all the lace illustrated. Advice on interpreting and reproducing old prickings is provided, and a folded sheet of additional prickings is found in an inside back cover pocket.