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Weaving and Drafting Your Own Cloth

This book explains thoroughly how to weave efficiently, use shuttles properly, make good selvedges and finish your cloth. The Drafting chapter is reported to be one of the clearest explanations currently available, describing original drafts and analyzing fabric. There are over 365 illustrations, plus a comprehensive 17-page index.

Book 3 guides you through every step from weaving motions, shuttles and selvedges to finishing your cloth. When problems come your way there’s an extensive chapter on troubleshooting. The drafting chapter explains how to create your own designs as well as to use drafts in books and magazines. Fabric analysis, and the basics of multi-shaft weaving are also included extensively. It is written for novice and experienced weavers and teachers, and especially for those weavers who think that they will never understand drafting. 

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