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Weaving Hand Towels Simply: 43 Designs for 4 and 8-Shaft Loom

Every weaver weaves hand towels!

They are small in size and weave quickly, are perfect for using up small amounts of yarn, make great gifts, are perfect for beginners and for learning new techniques, and they are eminently practical and you need new ones now and then. This collection of hand towel patterns is just the reference you need! With 43 designs in a variety of weave structures, from easy to advanced patterns, for both 4- and 8-shaft looms, there are plenty of patterns to explore and learn from while you make practical towels.

Since kitchen towels are often undertaken as a first weave, the book includes an introductory section explaining how to read and work from weaving drafts, the best fiber choices for towels, how to combine colors in pleasing combinations, finishing techniques, and troubleshooting tips.